Renesas releases the thinnest RFID entrance RKT101xxxMU in the world

Auspicious Sa’s declaration puts out RKT101xxxMU - Chip entrance. This install in RFID one ’ Radio Frequency Identification) Contributing to, improving the intersection of RFID and flatness of label by Chip, in the world most thin the intersection of 85 and thickness its at the IC. The sample will be supplied in Japan since July of 2006.

RKT101xxxMU is series RKT101 ’ Have already produced) One new member. Compared with Off-The-Shelf series HKT100- Chip entrance of auspicious Sa, this device can expand communication distance 1.5 times.

RKT101xxxMU has the following characteristics.

(1) Thinnest 85 microns or the following maximum thickness of entrance for 85 microns or the following thickness in the world can make RFID IC chip more dainty, developed a kind of technology that can reduce the thickness of the external communication antenna to the maximum extent at the same time.

When the entrance of implantation in the plastics or paper card, or is attached to it various typological labels or paster labels, can reduce the arch caused by entrance effectively, make the entrance used in more dainty media.

(2) There is no tabular design of some step of chip

When an IC chip is connected to the exterior antenna, the chip is some will form a step (step) . Utilize RKT101xxxMU, the area beyond the IC chip is covered with uniform stress distribution layer of chip thickness by one, make the whole entrance make and level. This can prevent forming mechanical stress and reducing the cost on the IC chip, contribute to realizing the entrance of the low price.

New RFID has introduced the collinear maximum thickness and does not exceed 85 microns, has reduced by half than auspicious Sa’s products in the past. This is that a kind of chip attenuates technology and on the basis of the company Off-The-Shelf COA (aluminum base is capsulated through developing, Chip On Aluminum) Type entrance slim chip mount technology. Especially, maximum can reduce the thickness of RFID IC chip to 45 microns while exceeding thickness of 85 microns, make the thickness of the external communication antenna drop to 15 microns at the same time.

The connections of exterior antenna and IC chip are realized by that the backbonded chip is mounted, the electrode in the surface of IC chip circuit structure among them is connected with aerial directly. This will form an arch in the part of this IC chip. Make the surface flatten various methods, one layer of chips which covers the aerial of uniform stress distribution is some that RKT101xxxMU adopts with the IC chip thickness, thus make the whole entrance change the method to level. In this way, can prevent the local mechanical stress of the existing IC chip, contribute to improving mechanical reliability.